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News from our members - Cumapol

Cumapol's ground-breaking CuRe technology for polyester rejuvenation offers low energy recycling for all used polyester. CuRe has strong own core technology and also allows for modular add on for other technologies, giving flexibility to choose the best route depending on the type of polyester waste. A brand new, differentiating approach.

Find out in CuRe's recently released video why the technology was developed and how it works:

Cumapol provides different services and recycling solutions for post-consumer and post-industrial polyesters. Our services contain: Regranulation, Compounding, Crystallization and Solid State Polymerization, we can process both virgin and recycled polyesters. With the start of our CuRe Polyester Rejuvenation Technology project and our ability to use bio-based monomers we are heading for the next level in circularity.”

Marco Brons, Technical director of Cumapol: “We are very pleased to see that besides Cumapol other companies are investing in the future of polyester upcycling. This will allow us to reduce the polyester waste mountain even more than today possible."


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