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Axens, IFPEN and JEPLAN join their forces to commercialize an innovative process for recycling

Axens, IFPEN and JEPLAN have recently signed a joint development and commercialization agreement in order to develop, demonstrate and commercialize an innovative PET monomer recycling process for all types of waste PET-based materials, including bottles, films, trays or textile (polyester).

This new process, called “RewindTM PET” is involving an optimized - glycolysis based - PET depolymerization combined with specific purification steps aiming at removing all organic and inorganic compounds present in waste PET. The product is a purified BHET (Bis(2-HydroxyEthyl) Terephthalate) monomer, ready to be used in a PET plant and produce again any type of PET, from fibers to food grade resins.

To read about the deal, please visit the this page here.


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