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2022 PET Chemical Recycling: Depolymerization Forum

In 2019, Petcore Europe launched the PET Depolymerisation Recycling working group - with initial engagement by companies involved in the development of new and innovative processes to recycle PET and Polyester waste by depolymerization and reusing its monomer constituents.

Registration: The Forum will be open for members and non-members of Petcore Europe, with different participation fees. Registration is now open.

Agenda | 2 PM CET | Tuesday, 11 OCTOBER 2022

2:00–2:05 PM: Welcome & Introduction Raphael Jaumotte (Petcore Europe)

2:05 –2:15 PM: Regulatory updates Leonor Garcia (Uetliberg partners)

2:15–2:25 PM: Specific BHET processes Jesper van Berkel (Indorama)

2:25–4:05 PM: Individual updates by the companies involved in the Petcore Europe’s Depolymerization WG:

Carsten Eichert (RITTEC)

Bruno Langlois (Carbios)

Marco Brons (Cure Technology)

Inari Seppa (Eastman)

Sander Gaemers (Ineos/Axens)

Adel Essaddam (Loop Industries)

3:40–4:05 PM: Q&A Session

4:05–4:20 PM: Coffee Break

4:20 –5:00 PM: LCA of Depolymerization Recycling for PET – the key to the integration in the value chain

Confirmed Speakers:

4:20–4:30 PM: Bruno Langlois (Carbios)

4:30–4:40 PM: Jason Pierce (Eastman)

4:40–4:50 PM: Carsten Eichert (RITTEC)

4:50–5:00 PM: Q&A Session

5:00–5:10 PM: Impact of regulatory EU 282-2008 recast, on different recycling project timeline Bruno Langlois (Carbios)

Q&A Session

5:10–5:20 PM: The place of Depolymerization recycling within the whole material circle Marco Brons (Cure Technology)

Q&A Session

5:20–5:30 PM: Interactions between mechanical recycling and depolymerization Chaim Waibel (Plastics Recyclers Europe)

5:30–5:45 PM: Q&A and Closing Session


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